How to Craft Concrete in Minecraft

If you want to bring a stunning look to any of your Minecraft creations, you need to use concrete. Concrete is a colorful, durable material that is available in a variety of colors.

Unlike wool, this material will not explode into flame. Concrete blocks are slightly harder compared to stones. But, it sacrifices lower blast resistance.

There are several things that you have to take note before you get into the process of making concrete. You are only allowed to mine it with a pickaxe.

Or, the blocks will be gone. The basic blocks of concrete powder have the same integrated physics as gravels and sand, which are the building blocks.

This means the blocks follow gravity and fall. On the other hand, hardened concrete follows the physics of most other blocks. It also maintains its position, no matter what blocks are underneath it. So, let’s jump into the process of how to craft concrete in Minecraft.

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Materials You Need to Make Concrete

The items you need to make concrete are 4 blocks of gravel, 4 blocks of sand, water source, and a dye of your favorite. You can find gravel on beaches, small water pools, or ponds in gravelly mountains.

How to Craft Concrete in Minecraft

You can harvest it with any tools. But, a shovel is considered as a more optimal and more effective tool to harvest gravel. You only need 4 blocks of gravel to craft 8 blocks of concrete powder. So, it should not be bothering you too much.

How to Craft Concrete in Minecraft

You can also use a shovel to mine sand blocks. You can find them in desert biomes and areas near lakes, beaches, and rivers. Then, you need a water source to solidify concrete powder.

You can use all water sources, except the rain, water bottles, and cauldrons. For the dye, you can choose one dye of your choice. Select it from your inventory.

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How to Craft Concrete

Just like any other crafting processes, you need to open your crafting table that you can find in the crafting menu. There, you will see a crafting area consisting of a 3×3 grid.

How to Craft Concrete in Minecraft

Then, you need to place 4 blocks of gravel. Place 3 blocks of gravel in all 3 boxes of the last row. For the remaining block, place it in the last box of the second row.

How to Craft Concrete in Minecraft

Next, place the sand blocks. Place 2 sand blocks in the 2 boxes of the second row, where one gravel block is already there in the last box. Then, place 2 other sand blocks in the 2 last boxes of the first row.

How to Craft Concrete in Minecraft

Once you have placed all of the gravel blocks and sand boxes, you will see that there is only one box left. This is where you place the dye. Make sure you follow the pattern.

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Once you have filled all of the box with the right pattern, you will see the concrete in the box on the right side. Then, move the concrete powder to your inventory by dragging it.

How to Craft Concrete in Minecraft

Please take note that this is only the process of making concrete powder. In order to turn it into concrete, place the concrete powder near the water source.

How to Craft Concrete in Minecraft

Make sure you place the concrete powder as close as possible to the water source. Do not place it too far away from the water source. It will be hardened and turn into concrete. The concrete powders will turn from grainy to a brighter, smoother appearance.

How to Craft Concrete in Minecraft

The final step is mining the concrete. As it is said before, you can only mine concrete by using a pickaxe.

Are you ready to create and mine concrete?

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