How to Make a Hidden Door in Minecraft

Playing Minecraft has never been so easy after you can get all the best tips and tricks which you can directly apply to get success in this game. You can also feel free to follow all the steps to get lots of great ideas.

When you read this article, you will also gain some more knowledge and information about how to make a hidden door in Minecraft easily. So, you have to follow the steps right away and enjoy your creation of making the hidden door.

As the pro-Minecraft players, you have to make the hidden doors or what people also said as secret doors. These are all the doors that have the main function as a concealed entrance, and you can get lots of benefits of having these doors since you can start to keep your commodities and your most valuable items there especially for the multiplayer server.

Moreover, you can also have another adventure map building, and you can just simply create it for having more fun.

Creating the Wall with Holes

If you want to have the most practical way of creating a hidden door, you may try creating a wall with holes. This is the easiest trick which does not require any kind of tool or certain item, firstly you just have to get the best location and make sure that you are not choosing the mining area.

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Secondly, you need to create a hole on the side of the cliff or the ground, you may surely use the hole as an entrance, and you can have the door from the broken blocks. Just keep in mind that you have to cover the hole with something so it will be hidden from others.

Creating the Floor Hole

Another practical trick to have a hidden door is by having a creation of a floor hole. The first step that you have to do is by digging the ground and making a hole. Next step, you have needed the addition of the ladder since you may need the movement of going upward, and you may also use the bottom part for the basement.

Make sure that you only dig the hole by going up since this kind of door can be functioned for one block to be taken up. Furthermore, you may also make the two entrance modes for having faster access.

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Creating the Painting Door

Another trick that is worth trying about how to make a hidden door in Minecraft by trying to create the painting door. As for the players, this kind of door is quite popular and the players can do the secret passages check.

The steps that you need to follow are by making a hole in the wall, and you can have the removed blocks by replacing it with something which can have to keep the painting but it also has another function as the entrance door. You can use our doors, signs, trapdoors, or fence gates.

Creating the Hidden Door Underwater

You may also try another tricky and creative kind of door, it is about the hidden door which takes place underwater. It is always easier to hide and conceal the underwater hidden door since most of the players will have limited vision.

Therefore, you may also need to try building the underwater door which is hidden from everyone. The steps that you need to do are quite simple, you only have to dig a hole for around 1 block which is located in your hidden location, and it goes directly to the water.

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Furthermore, you also need to equip this hidden door by completing it with the piston. You also need more protection by using the stream of water to get the item pushed and open the pressure plate made from wood.

It is always suggested that the players are having different entrance doors, for the players to enter the room and another one for keeping the items. You can also try to have the entrance door covered with seagrass or kelp.

Creating the Entrance Door from Lava Minecraft

Another way of how to make a hidden door in Minecraft is by having the entrance made from the Lava Minecraft. You can always have the entrance door made from lava by using the lava stream.

The first step is by building the entrance which needs to be covered by the lava. You may need to do more decorations by covering it as naturally as you can as if it is a lava fall which happens naturally.

Behind it, you may place the rail and the last step do not forget to keep the minecart there. You also have to be careful so you will not get burned because of the lava.

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