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QUICK STARE community and freedom platform is a new concept for social networking and organic content publishing. From the present and into the near future, most basic human interactions can take place in a virtual world. Which is far more efficient and eco friendly for the planet. As the internet becomes the new economy, Quick Stare is designed to give everyone an equal voice on a platform without algorithms, fake bot accounts and data mining. What does that mean? It means content is listed in the order that it is posted. Only real human members and your data will not be collected, profiled and sold.

Quick Stare Profile and Menu Preview

After log in, the expanded menu provides a world of features, some of which are listed above. There are 3 main feeds and this includes the Post feed, that is made up of posts created by Quick Stare users. The Stream which is a global feed made up by user and group status updates. And the Feed, which is your personal and friends updates. The stream and feed can be filtered for content types ie images, slideshows, videos etc and also filtered by members, friends and groups.

Please note: Some features become visible after login and utilization. So for example: You will not be able to see the Friends or Media tab in the Sub-menu until you add a friend or add some media. Similarly, you will not see your profile widgets on your profile wall until you fill them out. Only the widgets you fill in will show up on your wall. Go to Settings > Profile Settings to get started.

Within the next 15 years, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will replace a great deal of the human resource workforce around the globe. With less employment opportunities, many people may seek a creative path in the new digital economy. The current internet landscape has evolved into a pay to play environment, leaving users little choice but to pay for advertising to make their voice heard.

Along with the ability to easily create status updates and your own public and private groups, with all the functionality of a modern social network community, Quick Stare also allows its users to publish articles that go live on the internet. Posts created on Quick Stare will be published with structured data markup and open graph data that search engines and social networks use the understand and display content correctly. New and updating posts will also be submitted for indexing by Google search, instantly via an API. Along with creating an accelerated mobile page version (AMP Page), that may be cached by Google for super fast loading speeds on mobile devices. You may have noticed in Google’s mobile search results, AMP listings have a bolt icon ⚡ and load instantly. Visit the QUICK STARE AMP website here.

QUICK STARE algorithm and bot free social networking community

Making a Status Update.

How to Make a Status Update on QUICK STARE Social Networking Community

Status updates can be found in three locations. By visiting the Stream or Feed page or by visiting your profile page. There is a lot of features in the status update that include adding images and slideshows. You can embed videos and websites by copy and pasting in the link. You can also add your feeling by clicking the emoji in the lower left corner or emoji text in the little smiley face in the top right. There is a function to tag friends or mention them by typing @username. You can also search for animated gifs to add into your status updates. Please note at this stage the max file size for attachments is 10 Mb.

Submit a YouTube Video.

Submit YouTube and More Video Links to QUICK STARE

Submitting a YouTube or Vimeo video is simple. Enter a keyword rich video title, add some keywords and description text and then select a category. Copy and paste in the video link. Finally verify you are not a robot and then press the submit button. Submit Videos here. For any other website you can create a custom post instead.

Creating a Custom Post.

Creating a Custom Post with advanced blocks on Quick Stare Social Network Community

The custom post block editor contains a wide array of new features that allow users to create amazing web pages with vast capabilities and superior functionality. Simply press the + button to see the various block types or use the search for a block feature. See the images above and below for a quick preview of blocks that can be utilized to create stunning and modern web pages. Carousel image sliders and text accordion are just two examples of the many blocks that you can use to create exceptional pages for your content. Please see the Custom Post Tutorial or if you want to learn how to create posts with extra functionalities then please see the Advanced Post Tutorial for more information.

Create Custom Posts on QUICK STARE Community

Please visit the FAQ for more information.

Feel free to leave your input and suggestions in the Quick Stare Feedback Group. Enjoy!