How to Make Rails in Minecraft

It is essential to understand how to make rails in Minecraft. Rails or tracks system enables you to explore the Minecraft world.

Besides, players are also able to go uphill or downhill.

Rails help to connect one to another. It links with a curve or straight line. The following tutorial will explain to you the way step by step.

Supported Platforms

Java Edition (PC/Mac)
Java Edition (PC/Mac)
Pocket Edition (PE) Pocket Edition (PE)Yes
Xbox 360 Xbox 360Yes
Xbox One Xbox OneYes
PS3 PS3Yes
PS4 PS4Yes
Wii U Wii UYes
Nintendo Switch Nintendo SwitchYes
Windows 10 Edition Windows 10 EditionYes
Education Edition Education EditionYes

In the first step, you can begin by preparing all the required material. To make rails, you need six iron ingots and one stick.

How to Make Rails in Minecraft

An iron ingot is made of iron ore. You can make it by placing the iron ore into the furnace. When you require six iron ingots, it means you have to prepare six iron ore.

Meanwhile, a stick is also an essential material for your Minecraft player. It functions to build other items here. You can see the process from the previous chapter.

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In the second step, start by opening your crafting table. To create the necessary item, you will need a crafting table.

The crafting table consists of a 3×3 crafting grid. It has three boxes in each row. A clear image of the crafting table is attached below.

How to Make Rails in Minecraft

In the third step, add all your required materials. You can start by placing your material one by one. As mentioned earlier, you have six iron ingots and one stick.

The most important thing in this part is placing your items in the exact pattern. The attached image will show the proper placement.

Your crafting table has three rows in each. Let’s start from the first row. You will begin with your iron ingots.

Put one iron ingot on the first box and the last box. Remember to keep the second box empty.

Next, you can move to the second row for a process on how to make rails in Minecraft. In this part, you need to place two iron ingots and one stick.

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How to Make Rails in Minecraft

You may start to place your first iron ingot on the first box. Then, proceed by placing the stick on the second box. After that, continue by placing your second iron ingot.

Be sure the placement pattern should have been the same. You only keep your stick in the middlebox.

Now, you only have two iron ingots left. You can use it in the third row. The step is almost the same as in the first row.

How to Make Rails in Minecraft

Start by placing the first iron ingot on the third row. Then, leave the second box empty and place your last iron ingot on the third box.

This one is the recipe to create rails for your Minecraft world. Once the process is complete, you can see the result in the right box. It will present your new build rails.

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Using six iron ingots and one stick allows you to have sixteen rails. Thus, you can see these sixteen rails on the right box. See the clear look from the attached image.

In the fourth step, move your newly created item to the inventory. Take your rails and drag them to the inventory box.

Aside from crafting the table, you also require the inventory to store all your formulated items. Once you need these items, you can take them from there.

Inventory is essential for any Minecraft player. It helps to keep your items. Moreover, you can save time by keeping your necessities here.

How to Make Rails in Minecraft

Building rails can connect each perpendicular. This item enables players in reaching a great distance as not all destinations can be reached by flying.

After learning the process and knowing the recipe, you can understand how easy the tutorial is. Hopefully, the way on how to make rails in Minecraft is useful for you.

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