How to Install Mods in Minecraft

Many players of Minecraft know that mods enrich the game in so many ways. Therefore, it is a good thing to know how to install mods in Minecraft. New players have to learn about it to get the best experience that the game environment offers.

Unfortunately, mods are not available for all versions and platforms of this game. PC users will be able to make the most of this game by using mods. On the other hand, console users will not get that privilege at all.

There are also some additions of new things to Minecraft on other platforms. They are known as add-ons for the game. They act similarly as mods of Minecraft Java for PC and Mac. They are commonly available for a cost to pay in the first place.

It is a good thing to understand that some mods offer some ways to cheat in the game. That is not the type of mod to incorporate for a fair gaming experience. Cosmetics and gameplay enhancements mods will be fine.

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An example of the mod for Minecraft is the Curse Forge. It is easy on how to install mods in Minecraft. Any mod requires the same process of installation in the Java edition of this game.

How to Install Mods in Minecraft

The first thing to do is to find the compatible version of the mod with the server version. Open any web browser and use the search box to search for Curse Forge Minecraft. Look for the compatible version for the game in hand and start downloading the file right away.

Once the file is ready to use, double-click the .jar file to start installing the mod. The location of the file will most likely be in the so-called mods folder of the game. To be more specific, the folder is in the directory where Minecraft is.

Most commonly in Windows, it will be under the Username-App Data-Roaming directory. Inside the Minecraft main folder, there will be the mods folder. The installation will not require anything else at all.

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After the installation is complete, that mod is available to play through the game. Open the game and look for the Forge mod on the list of builds there. That is it about how to install mods in Minecraft.

How to Install Mods in Minecraft

It is simple and straightforward for anyone to do. New players will not find any difficulty at all in doing this kind of thing. It is a bit more complicated to choose the mod to add and use in the game. Nevertheless, it will only be a matter of personal preferences.

The best way to choose a mod to download and install is to think of what to experience. Some mods will only add cosmetics to the game. On the other hand, some mods will add some gameplay features and enhancements to it.

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It is all about the players who want to play the game. It is best to search for the mods in Minecraft Forum or the website of a mod creator. The forum is accessible at Other places than those best two might be risky in some ways.

The thing to underline on how to install mods in Minecraft is its simplicity. Anyone who is playing it on PC or Mac will be familiar with the way the system works.

That will make it easier to perform this straightforward task. The game will be much more fun with some mods installed. One last thing to keep in mind is to create a backup before adding a mod to the game. That will prevent catastrophic failures from affecting the game as a whole.

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