How to Make a Texture Pack for Minecraft

The tutorial of making a texture pack for Minecraft can help you to make the texture pack quickly. It is guiding you through the steps on how to make a texture pack for Minecraft.

You can edit the texture pack. It becomes an important part of this game in which you must handle your skills in the making process.

The Ways on How to Make a Texture Pack for Minecraft

There will be some ways on how to make a texture pack for Minecraft. You can implement the following ways.

Extracting the Things Needed

Firstly, you should open a folder or set directory of Minecraft. It consists of three ways that you can follow to access a setting folder of Minecraft.

You can select to follow this way. It is only processed with an old tracing program in Minecraft if it has not updated automatically on a personal computer.

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After that, you run Minecraft and click Options on the opening page. Then, you select resource packs and click the open pack folder. After that, you move back one folder before. This folder is used to make a texture pack.

Click twice on the version folder.

This folder is located in the central part of the folder of Minecraft. You should click twice on the latest version.

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The new version of Minecraft is 1.16.1. It means that you should click it twice.

Copying JAR documents

The next way is copying JAR documents. JAR documents are signed by an icon of a cup of coffee. The name is the latest number version in Minecraft.

You should click right on JAR documents and choose a copy. If the trackpad is not completed with the right and left button click, you should use your fingers by touching a trackpad.

You press the right side of the button to simulate the procedure of the right-click.

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Visiting Back the Setting Folder of Minecraft

In Windows, you should click Minecraft on the address of the top part of File Explorer to move one level to the previous.

In the Mac computer, you can click on the arrow icon of moving back in the left corner and finder windows.

Making a New Folder for a Texture Pack

The next way on how to make a texture pack for Minecraft is by making a new folder of the texture pack that you want to make.

You should follow the following steps to make the new folder of texture pack storage. You should do these steps. Firstly, you should click right on the empty space on the setting folder of Minecraft.

Then, click New for Windows only. Then, click the new folder. You should type the name of the folder and press the button of entering.

Open a Folder of Texture Pack

Then, you should open a folder of texture packs and insert to JAR documents before you copy it. Click twice on the new folder to open it.

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After that, click right and choose Paste. Then, extract JAR documents using WinRAR or 7-Zip. JAR documents have functions to be ZIP documents.

Making Texture Pack

The last step on how to make a texture pack is visiting a folder of texture. This folder is saved on the new folder before when you extract JAR documents.

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You should access a folder of texture in a new folder for an extraction process. You open a folder of numbers for the Minecraft version, asset, texture, and Minecraft.

You can find the texture category that you edit and open the folder. Every folder has a different texture category. You can find some textures of the folders.

You should open a texture pack of the image editing program. You can find the edited texture pack and click right on the texture pack. Then, you select open with. After that, you select an image editing program that you want to use.

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