Zebra P520 Driver, Software, User Guide

If you are looking for a single-sided laminating printer for any demanding environments, you cannot go far form Zebra P520 Driver. It is a real leading single-sided laminating printer that is widely used by most of the customers on the globe.

It performs not only single-sided laminating but also double-sided printing. It even delivers the right combination of reliability, affordability and performance for printing more durable ID cards. In fact, P520 laminating printer is a fast proven engine that fits a heavy duty fourth generation Lx4 car laminator.

Without feeling doubt, let’s head to know more about the engine below:

High Performance

There is nothing to feel uncertain about the P520 laminator. It surely presents the high performance due to the number of features that the user can optimize. In this case, the laminator comes with the ability to print full-color dual-sided printing along with the single-sided lamination in less than 36 seconds.

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The P520 laminator comes also with the enhanced color processing firmware and new formulation that is richer than before. Further, the full metal enclosure makes it indestructible in a virtual way. One more, there is a protected password to ensure that only the authorized users can access.

Encoding and Network Expansion Options

Zebra P520 Driver provides two network expansion choices. The first is the magnetic stripe encoding smart card encoding capabilities and the second is the built-in Ethernet for printer networking to remove the necessity for third party external device.

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The P520 laminator is easy to use due to some features that include the 16 character LCD display for error messaging and printer status and the plug and play USB connection that simplifies the setup.

In addition to the easy-to-use feature, the P520 laminator also features translucent card cover that enables you to check out when you run out of card supply. This way, you can add the blank cards while printing for convenience and time-saving.

i-Series Functionality

The last but not least thing offered by Zebra P520 Driver is the functionalities. This way, the P520 laminator comes with the automatic color optimization and driver configuration and enhanced ribbon formulation for maximum color output.

One more functionality offered by the laminator is the ribbon image counter and ribbon low notification.

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Ideally, the P520 laminator is good for secure facility access control cards, driver license, law enforcement and correctional facility ID cards. Further, the laminator is also available for transit passes and other applications that require long-lasting and tamper-resistant ID’s.

Zebra P520 Driver for Windows

Supported Platform: Win 10 (32-bit/64-bit), Win 8 (32-bit/64-bit), Win 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit), Win 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Win XP (32-bit/64-bit), Win Server, Win Vista

Zebra P520 Driver for macOS

Supported Platform: mac 10.3, mac 10.4, mac 10.5, mac 10.6, mac 10.7, mac 10.8, mac 10.9, mac 10.10, mac 10.11, mac 10.12, mac 10.13, mac 10.14, mac 10.15, mac 11

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