World Theatre Day, 2021

Happy World Theatre Day to all my fellow theatre fans!

I regret that I was unable to get the input I requested from others for the "Great Theatre Lines" themed video, but I'm still planning that one, and maybe even a series of videos with each one devoted to one particular line and why we should aim to make it famous the way Shakespeare's friends sought (successfully, of course) to make his words famous only years after his death. Check out my call to action in that video for more information:

But for now, I realized that the video I put out for World Theater Day last year did have some editing errors in it, so it was worth making improvements and sharing it again this year so we all have something to honor this worldwide occasion.

Celebrating all that the arts, and theatre in particular, do to remind us of our common humanity and the beauty that lies within all our souls seeking to be expressed onstage... theatre inspires! Theatre is life!

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