Wild Baby Animal Rescues Videos that will melt your HEART & make you SMILE

Wild Baby Animals Taken Care - Baby Animals after Rescue | Animal Sanctuary

Wildlife Rescue video showcases rescue of native wild animals : Brushtail Possum, Ringtail Possum, Kangaroo, Lambs.

Video dedicated to a Foster Angel who with her human large heartedness towards animal world, has saved many innocent animal life.

People come across different animals every day, and sometimes they don't really know how much help these creatures need. Living in a human-ruled world is anything but simple. Very often, animals encounter different misfortunes and difficulties and can not deal with them without our support.

Fostering an animal can help them recover from neglect, abuse, illness or injury - taking the first steps towards finding a new, loving forever home.When you foster an animal you'll also be freeing up space in our centres so that we can rescue more animals in desperate need.

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