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Urek Mazino vs Zahard / Urek Mazino vs Jahad
Explained from Tower of God.

Urek Mazino ( Champion of Tower ) vs King Zahard ( King of Tower )

Urek Mazino and King Zahard is currently Strongest active characters in Tower of God.
Urek Mazino has 4th rank while King Zahard has 3rd, they are only below to PHANTAMINUM and ENRYU these two are god like character actually PHANTAMINUM is God (Axis user).

ZAHARD enter the tower with other 12 companions, climb upto 134 floor then Zahard announced himself as king of tower and build Zahard Empire while UREK MAZINO entered alone and formed Wolhaiksong after passing Arie Hon Test, Urek Mazino is the first person to pass Arie Hon Test and as a reward he take ownership of 77th floor where Wolhaiksong is formed along with Baek Ryun while Ha Yuri Zahard also supported him.

Urek Mazino climb the Tower in just 50 years , While Zahard takes 100-200 years.

Hell's Train 🚆 :
Urek was stronger than King Zahard when they went to Hells Train. Urek Mazino was stronger than God of Guardian (GOD) and doesn't ho through Evolution process while Zahard was weaker than God of Guardian (GOD) and went through Evolution process.

Data World 🌍 :
Data Zahard was stronger than Data Urek Mazino (error urek mazino), Zahard sworn enemy appear through glass while UREK MAZINO sword enemy doesn't appear and destroy the Mirror.
So, Urek Mazino was stronger than King Zahard.

After Zahard become King :
Zahard form contract with every Guardian of 134 floor, So he had gain some powers, abilities and immortality ( cannot be killed by Regulars ) while Urek Mazino form Wolhaiksong.

Conclusion (Personal Opinion) :
I think Urek Mazino is physically Stronger than King Zahard while King Zahard has more abilities and tricks since he contract from Guardian,


But if these two Legends from Tower of God ( Urek Mazino and King Zahard ) fight against each other both will get severely injured !

Hope you Enjoy !
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