Understand The Core

What Makes Life Possible ? | Defining characters of living? |Understand The Core | Episode One

Understand The Core - Episode One
What is Living? What characters are responsible for being living without any exceptions?
How do organisms grow?
Is nonliving also grow? But How?
Do the genetic material required the cell to replicate itself? Or Are there any exceptions?
How does the cell get its energy from? Do nonliving substances can also perform energy metabolism?
How do cells or complex organisms respond to external stimuli? And Do plants also have a kind of brain or nervous system?
How do organisms transfer information to their child? What if the organisms can't reproduce?
How do we look alike with our parents? or even we look similar to our grandparents? What if we could not inherit characters to our next generation?
All these questions and many more are fluctuating in our minds... If you are curious and love science then you must have many of these questions in your mind.
This is our humble attempt to give you an idea to resolve all of these riddles. If you like our attempt, then please like and share this video with as many curious people you may know. If you really love this then please subscribe to Ontesta for more episodes and even more variety of seasons.
For instance, you can watch the first episode of Season One of "Curiosity Flow

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