UFO SIGHTINGS • 2 Videos • California • Brazil

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Halloween Fatigue? Politics Fatigue? Elections Fatigue?

OK, me too. So how about some new UFO Sightings?

First Video Segment was submitted today, and filmed last night (Saturday Night) by an avid sky watcher in Salinas, California... BUT must warn you, turn down the volume before 0:38 seconds as her child gets very loud.

Second Video Segment is from the night of the 28th, and there are several pieces of footage stitched together from residents of San Bernardo Do Campo, a suburb of Sao Paulo in Brazil. A couple of the witnesses wonder if it some kind of hot air balloon, however it is bizarre looking to say the least. We have been watching the Sao Paulo news media for reports on this since the 28th but nothing about it yet.

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