UFO Sighting Video • UFO FORENSICS – PAST CASES • TX 2020


So Much UFO Sighting Footage, so many clips not given the inspection they deserve !!
Here's where YOU can help - by suggesting videos to be analysed...
This is a serious topic that gets ridiculed still too often, and we want to help change that Paradigm.
How many times have you seen fascinating UFO footage being posted to YouTube, Twitter, or Reddit, and you get just the footage, duplicated across several channels or sites, with maybe a zoom or two, and a brief commentary, and very often absurdly biased..??
Well, there's too much of it; and there's some great footage out there that hasn't been properly inspected using digital analysis and software forensics techniques.
With this primarily in mind, several members of our group who are located throughout various countries globally, are pitching in their efforts to seek out UFO Sighting Videos to inspect, document, and post results online.
Using a variety of still frame & video forensics plug-ins and software applications, we are looking to tease out as much visual data as possible from the clips we focus on.
Get involved by suggesting clips we should look at, no matter how old those clips are, and also leave feedback where you think we might be in error, make suggestions, and observations..!! Thank You !