Trumps dangerous isolationism weakens USA and strengthens our adversaries: Retired generals

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Republicans have tragically failed to check Trumps reckless behavior. The election must be a mandate and a denunciation of him and of their silence. Over the past 3 1/2 years, President Donald Trump has aggressively pushed an America First agenda that has significantly weakenedmore than seven decades of peaceful cooperation between the United Statesand her treaty partners around the world. In parallel moves, this president has continued a courtship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and a dangerous, nuclear-armed North Korea while allowing China to extendits geopolitical reach and goal of economic dominance. Despite the widening of perilous fault lines that have emerged from growing diplomatic tensions, the mercurial and ill-equipped president continues to criticize and undermine, with no intellectual rigor, the post-World War II order that has given us 70 years of relative political and economic stability. Moreover, Trumpsisolationist moves are progressively weakening America. Withdrawing from the Paris climate accord(ratified by nearly 190nations, including Russia and China), the Iran nuclear deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, UNESCO, the United Nations Human Rights Council, the World Health Organizationand numerous other long-standing international commitments has become part and parcel of his unabashed goal of turning his back and by extension Americas on the world. Handing power to enemiesSuch moves will only embolden rogue nations, global terroristsand nonstate actors who threaten to dismantle our democracy and way of life and the world order. Americas withdrawal effectively cedes international organizations to those actors who would do us harm, giving them voice and outsized influence. To employ a baseball analogy, if you take your ball and bat and go home, another player steps up, ball and bat in hand, and the game goes on without you. This backward march of diplomacy comes at a

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