The Shakespeare Monologue Challenge

My new idea for more fun and entertaining, niche appropriate livestreams for my channel, and a way to involve other actors and/or theatre youtubers who want to collaborate to on new kind of "grow your channel live stream" with this acting challenge and continue performing great theatre during the pandemic.

Either as a free-for-all during our my regular Saturday live-streams, or as a special event between me and someone who challenges me, we will each use the "Wheel of Monologues" to randomly assign us a monologue to perform impromptu (inspired both by my friend's request for a performance during a past livestream and other Youtubers use of the "Wheel of Names" site in their streams.)

Here, I give you an example of how it will work, randomly assigning myself one, which turns out to be the "Upon the King" monologue from Henry V. In the future, myself and the people challenging me will both go, and the guest will get a chance to introduce themselves and shoutout their channel and/or other social media platforms they'd like my subscribers to follow them on.... and we can possibly take turns in who provides the stream on their own channel, and who gets to be introduced to a similar channel's subscribers who are likely to enjoy their channel as well

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