The Perils Of Cyberbullying

The Perils of Cyberbullying - Victim Must Not Suffer In Silence (Documentary)

The Perils of Cyberbullying is a documentary and first-ever project by the White Wings Films that takes a step ahead to highlight the growing crimes in the virtual world. It involves the real-life stories of three different victims of cyberbullying that mirrors many others who suffer to speak up and get justice in a country’s restricted system and harsh socio-cultural setup. The documentary also aims to address cyberbullying as not-a-gender restricted crime, and the psychological, sociological, and physiological repercussions can be the same on both men and women. Under the growing technological advancement and access to information, the Perils of Cyberbullying will act as a lesson for internet users to understand the impact of their actions and legal implications it may bring along.

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