The Adding Machine

Honoring working men and women everywhere on this Labor Day, I present to all theatre lovers that subscribe to this channel an online staged reading of Elmer Rice's classic depiction of the dehumanization of the worker in the machine age....

Mr. Zero: Mark Bowen
Mrs. Zero: Brannon Walker
Daisy: Vivienne Golde
The Boss / Fixer / Lt. Charles: Ted Birke
Mr. Shrdlu / Cop: Vincent Saia
Judy: Sara Bowen

Happy Labor Day, 2021!

Thanks for watching, fans! In addition to my weekly Shakespeare livestreams, and the by-weekly readings of full-length Shakespeare plays I do with "Eager Beaver Shakespeare" which I share here, I've been looking to make such readings of other classic plays in the public domain a major focus of my channel. Since this, in my opinion, went very smoothly, I'm anxious to do more and more to entertain my subscribers on this channel. I'm open to suggestions, and I encourage other actors who'd like to collaborate with me on such future projects to reach out!

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