Publish Google News Articles on Quick Stare

Google News can open the doors to a wider audience and can drive lots of traffic to your articles. The news in general covers a vast range of topics and this is especially the case on the internet. Google news is published to many locations on the web and this is a great opportunity to reach an organic target audience based on a vast array of topics. The key to success is writing a well written article that is relevant to a target audience or recent and current events. Find the full tutorial on how to Publish Google News Articles here. To start publishing News Articles, log in and then visit Create>+ Articles in the menu.

Publish Google Web Stories on Quick Stare

Google Web Stories are a new content type that can help gain more traffic and exposure on the internet in the form of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Web Stories are aimed at mobile users who prefer fast content consumption and who now corner 80-95% of internet traffic. See the Google Web Stories Tutorial for more information. To start publishing Google Web Stories, log in and then visit Create>+ Web Stories in the menu.

QUICK STARE Publishing Custom Posts

The custom post block editor contains a wide array of new features that allow users to create amazing web pages with vast capabilities and superior functionality. Visit the Custom Post tab in the menu and simply press the + button to see the various block types or use the search for a block feature. There is a long list of functions that can be utilized to create stunning and modern web pages. Carousel image sliders, social buttons and text accordion, which are just three examples of the many blocks that you can use to create exceptional pages for your content. See the Custom Post Tutorial for a more in depth look. To create a custom post log in and then visit Create>+ Custom Post in the menu.

Submit YouTube Video Links to QUICK STARE

Submitting a YouTube or Vimeo video is simple. Enter a keyword rich video title, add some keywords and description text and then select a category. Copy and paste in the video link. Finally verify you are not a robot and then press the submit button. See the Submit YouTube Video Tutorial for more information. For any other website you can create a custom post instead. For more information and tutorials please read the FAQ.

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