How to Start an Awesome Automotive YouTube Channel in 2020!

Start your automotive YouTube channel right now! The content you make now is your first root into YouTube, and it will give you a starting point to improve upon. No use investing in a lot of gear only to realize you just aren’t that into it!

But, if you’re already there or will be shortly, you’ll want to know what to do next; what to invest your time into so that you get the most return on your investment.

What is Your Automotive YouTube Channel’s Specialty?

Maybe you want to do car repairs… Maybe you want to review cars… Whatever it is you want to do, figure out what you want to do to add your own spin to it. Your automotive YouTube channel is going to be your creative portal, so do what you can and what you are passionate about!

Repair Videos

Repair videos tend to have a lot of search discovery potential! A lot of content on YouTube isn’t something people NEED to watch, they just want to. Repair videos still can be a want, but often people repair their own cars when they need to in order to get to work tomorrow, or money is tight. If you don’t fill the video with fluff, people will watch the whole thing, and that audience retention is going to work in your favor; YouTube likes good audience retention!

Car Reviews

Car reviews work quite well for new cars, since people are curious about their features when deciding what to buy. However, reviews of older cars and/or modified cars can also have a wide appeal. Old cars may have a nostalgia factor that interests people, while modified cars are interesting in their uniqueness.

Regular Car Reviews has seen a lot of success with their unique (and often polarizing) humor paired with cars that generally don’t draw too much attention on their own. A good automotive YouTube channel is sometimes a blend of cars and something else!

Project Car Channels

Starting a project car channel is one of the most expensive types of channels to start on the entire site, let alone the automotive niche. You really need to decide you want to have a project car first, and then have the channel be a secondary goal. That should really be the case for any channel, as you will see more energy in yourself and your content when making something you are passionate about, but that really gets highlighted in this niche.

Other Car Content

There are tons of other types of automotive content that can be made, and the unusual idea you come up with could be the next hit! Make it happen! Maybe you want to tell an automotive story or explain upcoming automotive technology we can look forward to. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

The Equipment You’ll Need for Your Automotive YouTube Channel

What you will need will depend on what kind of channel you want to run, which is why we began this article with that. A project car channel will have little use for a screen recording program, but someone drawing cars on their computer may use that for every single video! Check out this video getting into more detail on equipment for your automotive YouTube channel:

There may be other considerations you will want to account for to add your own unique twist. For example, Daniel Kon often uses a green screen to allow him to stand in front of other content. This allows for content to be filmed without worrying about what is going to be said, and then what you have can be reviewed and talked about knowing exactly what kind of content you have. Observe:

No Two Automotive YouTube Channels are (or Should be) Alike!

All creative pursuits suffer from people trying to copy a success, missing that the success was from its uniqueness and previous absence from the world. Don’t make that mistake! Be inspired, yes, but you know different things, have different biases and opinions, and something unique to offer! Don’t try to cram it into another automotive YouTube channel’s box!

A metallic white Fisker Karma in a parking lot, how will you react to this with your automotive YouTube channel?
A metallic white Fisker Karma in a parking lot. If you saw this, would you photograph and/or record it?

I hope your channel does well! Don’t be afraid to stop by and introduce yourself!