Spello (Umbria, Italy) – I Giorni delle Rose Festival 2019

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"I Giorni delle Rose" (Festival of the Roses, http://www.igiornidellerose.it) is a three-day floral exhibition dedicated to roses; the event was created by Giuseppina Massi Benedetti, President of the Garden Club Perugia, and this year too is organized by the Garden Club Perugia, in collaboration with Province of Perugia and city of Spello (Umbria, central Italy), with a very special patron: Carlo Pagani, Master Gardener. The event "I Giorni delle Rose" is hosted in the beautiful setting of Villa Fidelia (Spello, Umbria, Italy), a spectacular villa surrounded by the lush greenery of its stunning and amazing park, which during the event is completely flooded by a magic atmosphere of roses. In such scenario, full of charm and history, the organizers wanted to pay a tribute to the rose, not only as the queen of flowers, but also as a star in art, culture, fashion and crafts: the theme of this year's edition (which sees India as the special guest country) is "The Indian rose". There are many happenings scheduled for this three-day event dedicated to roses: conferences, competitions, exhibitions and meetings (all of the highest level); in this year's edition we want to especially highlight: opening concert by Maestro Gianni Ricchizzi (sitar); "Chiara and Francesco", a new rose introduced by Michele Castrini (nursery "La rosa del Borghetto"); "The ancient rose of Pompeii ... after 2000 years it is ready to be reborn", introduced by prof. Gaetano Di Pasquale (Federico II University - Naples); the "Roseti d'Italia" prize, awarded this year to Giardino delle Rose del Palazzo di Campagna della Ginestrella (Maura La Cava); "La Rosa Romanov", a new Collection created by Maison Daphné Sanremo and dedicated to Tsarina Maria Aleksandrovna (also introducing a new book by Raffaella Ranise "I Romanov - - Storia di una dinastia tra luci ed ombre"); "Readings in the Grove", edited by Edy Peterle; the Rosolio "I Giorni delle Rose", tasting by Sarandrea Liquori, introduced by Marilena Badolato (Anthropologist of taste) and Ira Archilei (Herbalist); "Chapeau! Cappelli allo sbaraglio", in collaboration with Hat Museum of Montappone; closing concert of "Progetto Omaggio all'Umbria", curated by Laura Musella, with Sandro Paradisi (accordion) and Mauro Mela (guitar and voice).

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