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Samstar99 born Samuel Fernando Cuna (11th January 1999),is a hip hop songwriter,performer,rapper and a self taught producer.Although both his parents were born in Mozambique,he was born and raised in the South of Johannesburg (South Africa) what he calls “The South”/”The 2190”.

He grew up in an area called La Rochelle,what he also refers to as “LA”.He claims that growing up in LA wasn’t easy at all.He said “where I’m from it’s almost like you got two options it either you grind and make it out or stay and sink.I’ve witnessed a lot of youngins with huge potential throw their lives away by falling into drugs”.He also stated that “LA is a trash pit,it’s easy for one to fall into bad decisions and mix with the wrong crowds”.

Unfortunately for the 21 year old he didn’t have to look far in order to witness what he’s area or “hood” can do to an individual.Samatar99’s older brother had fallen victim to the mishaps his neighborhood had to offer.By the age of 17,Samstar99 had discovered that his older brother had been using drugs (crystal math,also known as “crack”).On July 2019 Samstar99 older brother was found dead after he was stabbed to death by 3 young men he used to consume drugs with.Later that year during December,Samstar99 lost his father that had been diagnosed with a stroke.

Although he had gone through so much pain,he says that music is his outlet on everything he feels.He believes that he wouldn’t make it through those situations if it wasn’t for music.He then added “my music is who I am.Everytime I’m in the process of creating a song,I need to make sure the song reflects my very own emotions and feelings.I cannot make a song without adding my emotions”.

However his interest to make his very own music started in 2015,while he was in grade 9.He had no idea of what he had do or how he should start.He just knew that he wanted to make his very own music.He knew that in order to rap you got to have an instrumental. So he started searching for mobile apps that could be used to make instrumentals.Then he started learning how to make hip hop instrumentals on his phone,and he would also watch tutorials on YouTube as well.Knowing that he didn’t have the necessary equipment,or even knowing how to use them,he started recording on his phone.

Samstar99 also makes music of different styles such as,trap,rap,trapsoul,afro trap and more.He says his music comes from a real place,as it all comes from things he has experienced,things he’s witnessed and what he desires.Artists such as Kendrick Lamar,J.Cole and Drake inspire him.He also stated that “they don’t only speak about the same topic most rappers speak about,however they also reflect on more relevant topics and experiences.They speak about love,hardships in life and influential subjects”.

He completeled his secondary schooling in 2017 and matriculated with a diploma.As soon as he completed his matric he started searching for a job.He would get piece jobs here and there,but nothing was permanent.He would then invest the money he got from these jobs into his music equipment.

Although he was working on piece jobs,his passion has always been making music.He said “I realised it recently that ever since I was a younin,I use to love coming up with my own little rhymes.I would also try to learn and rap some hip hop songs by heart.I would also practice common rap lines with friends in primary school”.

However now that he has grown he has invested money and time into music.In the last few years he recently discovered that music is a business and that he’s not just an artist but he is a brand as well.He then said “just like any other brand,I want mine to be one of the best and of top quality”.

However the 21 year old still has a long road ahead of him.He lastly added “I aspire to be one of the most greatest artist the world has ever seen”.

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