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Russian HARD VOWELS, Ы or И? How do you pronounce? Reading in Russian is as easy as a pie when you know hardening and softening vowel sounds. The difference between ь and ы is significant, they have completely different functions.

О or А - 1:08​
The Gender system of Russian Nouns 2:49​
Is it Ы or И - 4:10​
Is it Ж or Ш - 7:29​
Is it З or С - 8:09​
два or две? - 10:18​

Online #lesson​ on #vowels​ practice with a #native​ #speaker​ on the #bsod​​ in #2021​ trending distant #learning​ for both adults and kids. No #robotic​ voice, #human​ voicing. Only #Alphabet​ sounds, #vocabulary​ based on #phonetics​, Russian gender #gramar​ for foreign students.
Learn how to #read​ in Russian, sound natural. Rules of #reading​ are as easy as a pie.

You'll find in the video: Teaching foreigners with Russian ABC book - Russian Vowels| Обучение по букварю - гласные

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