Royal Flush Talks on TvT Deal Mike Geronimo A must See For Real Hip Hop Heads

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Hey Everyone Welcome back to MakinMovesTv.   this video

#RoyalFlush. Talks on how he is
Cousins to capone big ups ro dj flav  for helping put me and royal
Flush together for this interview .
Royal discusses how rehearsing your music  like #Beyonce does is ok its important to be great and to  get kinks out imoho. He discusses New music coming with
Production from
#DjPremier #Qtip #Havoc of #Mobdeep
#LargeProfesser. #vinnyidol and #PeteRock and #HarryFraud His album will be leased on August 15 . The same same day he released his first album Royal Flush also talks on biggie smalls jabs he did at him on wax. Also how the new school like #chinx embraced his music .Royal also discussess  his deal with #Tvt and how they had #nineinchnails. Also
Made #GilligansIsland theme song and how he made that song with noreaga. #IcedDownMedallion  If
You get a chance listen  to movin on your weak Production by him and check out  #Capone N #Nore
They also discuss the importance of reading.
Contracts  definitely on point peace king please like comment share and subscribe .run these views up #makinmovestv

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