Recording of – Live Discussion on Past Life Regression

Live Discussion on Past Life Regression

This is a 42 minutes live discussion on Past Life Regression with a practitioner therapist and a recipient.
How Can I Know About My Past Life ? Some of the Past Life experiences can be discovered through regression therapy.
We all wonder sometimes about how can I know about my past life? Especially when we are troubled by a problem , a phobia or an unexplained pain, people have turned to past life regression therapy and have shared their past life regression experiences. However, one needs to be sure of the authenticity and credibility of the therapist before you approach one. This will enable to fully trust and submit to the therapist, which is required as otherwise it would hamper your free flow of thoughts/memories.
Some of the experiences can be really exciting. in this video, one such experience is narrated and is coming straight from a person I can trust.
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