Python Data Type | Boolean | Beginners Guide [PYTHON TUTORIAL]

Python Data Type | Boolean | Part 5 | Beginners Guide [PYTHON TUTORIAL]

Python Data Type | Boolean | Beginners Guide [PYTHON TUTORIAL]
Python boolean data type is used to represent or find truthfulness of any expression or object. This becomes extremely important while building various logics and algorithms in any programming language. Python boolean values are represented as either True or False. It is very important to remember that the boolean values are case sensitive, so True with capital T is different than true with small t. Interpreter will consider True with a capital T as a reserved keyword.

Booleans are extensively used to build conditional statements and mainly to check existence of any object. All the comparison, logical, identity and membership operators in python return boolean values as a result.

This video clearly explains all the different operations that can be performed with boolean values. How the interpreter handles boolean values. How conditional statements, different objects in python, class methods and functions return boolean values in response. This video also covers complete understanding of the bool function which converts all other data types into boolean representation.

Beginners must watch the video to get the understanding of this data type and also practise to convert their understanding into experience. Experienced developers can use this video to refresh their concepts which can help during their ongoing assignments.

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