Programmers Way Of Thinking | Programmers Mindset | Part1 [Developer Soft Skills]

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Programmers Way Of Thinking | Programmers Mindset | Part1 [Developer Soft Skills]
This video talks about how a programmer's mindset works. How to avoid being in a state of frustration and anxiousness when we face challenges or problems. Programming is not just a skill but a way of thinking. There are 4 aspects to the programmer’s mindset.

1. Intent
2. Reasoning
3. Designing and freezing solution
4. Implementing and introspecting

This video is focused only on Intent and Reasoning to keep length in control. In the next video, I will talk about designing, implementing, and retrospecting solutions.

This video is not only applicable to the programming world but it is very much applicable to your general problems and challenges in life as well. They are extremely powerful tools and approaches to find solutions to problem statements. Share it with other code lovers and especially students.

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