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Pray To Lord - Pableno - (DEEP HOUSE)

Pray To Lord – Pableno – House, deep house, 2020 – Watch all Pableno Pray to lord music videos at one playlist . Once again, you are in a new DEEP HOUSE Music Artist Pableno, we can’t express by words enough for this song track PRAY TO LORD by Pableno, fans are going to enjoy the most addicted Deep house beats from this Music Artist Ever.


At Vo Sounds Music, we are so excited to share with you all my fans the amazing DEEP HOUSE music Artist Pableno, Pray to Lord, the lyrics, and Instrumental are top-notch. Some of the lyrics of Pray to Lord “I lay me down and sleep and I wake again, I pray to lord that I sleep and wake again…”

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“Pray To Lord”. A new beginning to a new day always bring a new and fresh air to breath, we all wish after sleep and able to wake up again to breath fresh air again, whatever lord you are praying for, be truthful and be who you are as a person. Pray to lord or god are the same meaning in my opinion. Pableno, Musical artist has put his own voices and keep on repeating I pray to Lord that I sleep and wake again, that emotionally touching millions of fans around the world.

Talking about DEEP HOUSE music in 2020, Vo Sounds Music has many popular Music Artists featured on the channel, the latest music artist that I want you to watch, it is Valante, in this playlist, there are 4 soundtracks, and feel free to download any of these: Gaijah Valante, Funky socks Valante, Glider Valante, Raincaller Valante. Click here to watch:

Epidemic Sound Pableno latest music song tracks are: Pray to lord Pableno, Jalapeno – Pableno, cosmonaut – Pableno, Wonderdul -Pableno, should you know better – Pableno. And of course, there are many more in Epidemic sound. Pray To Lord with The Genes are Dark, Eccentric and are so much well blended with DEEP HOUSE, that Pableno performed so well.

Love Pableno music? and Want to free download PRAY TO GOD MP3 sound track? You ask and we answer, you are all welcome to download this track free for your personal socialize by navigation to this Epidemic Sound Link:

Also, in this Video, Vo Sounds Music has found really interesting Free Royal tree background footage copyrighted that maybe is a LORD or someone is Pray To Lord in the mountain during sunset. I think these footages are perfectly mimic for the soundtrack of Pableno -Pray To LORD.

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