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Viral Chop brings you the latest viral videos with six category pages that consist of trending music funny gaming cryptocurrency and user submitted videos.

Harmonic Wings Music Submission Website

Harmonic Wings

Harmonic Wings was born into existence after creating my own music and guitar site Ylia Callan Guitar, I was looking around the internet for websites that I could submit my songs, playlists and music videos to. What I found was not great. A lot of old dinosaur websites and blogs, some of which looked 10-20 years out of date. Yet many were trying to collect money just to review a song submission or to post on an ancient relic website that probably has very little traffic. So I decided to make a difference and change that by making a website that anyone can submit music to. Harmonic Wings allows easy submission of songs, playlists and music videos for free, instantly and with no login or sign up. Submit Music here.

Travel Buzz Travel Tips Guides and Holiday Destination Video Website


Plan your next holiday or adventure with our collection of travel tips, guides, resource and destination videos and online tools. Travellers today are more willing and able to explore the holiday and adventure destinations the world has to offer. It’s exciting to be confronted with so much possibility and Travel Buzz has an up to date collection of the most popular and exotic travel locations. We take a look at the places are now at the forefront of the global conversation, whether you’re looking for new hotels and museums or international events. Each and every year, the cities and countries we find and recommend the best places to travel in the world. We think about those travel destinations that are the favourites and determine which ones are reinventing the travel wheel, ensuring there’s always something exciting and new to explore.

Fit Life Health and Fitness Video Website


Fit Life is a motivating collection of gym health and fitness viral videos that are popular all across the internet. Fit Life videos has seven categories that consist of muscular gym flexibility Yoga and Pilates healthy food cardio body fat and user submitted health and fitness related videos.

Snack Flicks Food and Cooking Website


Watch all the food nutrition and cooking related videos showcased on Snack Flicks cooking and health website.

Funny Flix Video Website


Funny Flix TV brings you the latest and most popular and funniest videos that are going viral and receiving to most views on YouTube Facebook and many other popular video hosting websites.

Ylia Callan Guitar Website


Acoustic folk roots and rock singer songwriter from Uki, NSW Australia. I embrace the mistakes. If reality TV became a thing, then I’m all for reality music? All my tracks are live recordings and you may hear things like rain, birds chirping, dog barking and other random noises in the background. I believe there is no such thing as a mistake in life or in music. If we learn and evolve from our mistakes and let it be a lesson, then it becomes a positive. The so called mistakes take music somewhere new and after many years of practice I learnt to make up for them by improvising to make it work, and often covering my tracks with something flash.

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