Let’s Solve the Problem of Opengl Error Minecraft

Have you ever faced the problem of OpenGL error Minecraft while you still have fun enjoying playing Minecraft? If yes, you do not need to worry since there are lots of people outside who have the same problem as this.

OpenGL has the main function to give the best experience for the players when they want to play the game smoother and faster.

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So, when there is an error with OpenGL, your game will not run smoothly anymore. It is all right and you just need to stay calm since there are some solutions which you may need to find out.

You Need to Have the Updated Version of Driver and Graphics

The main problem of an error OpenGL which happens when you run the Minecraft game can be about the out-of-date graphics card driver.

Usually, it is because the card driver is out of date and corrupt. What you have to do is by renewing the version of the graphics card driver:

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Make sure that you get the latest driver update from the manufacturer or the official website, and you can download that latest version.

For the second step, you can install the latest update on your computer. You can also get a quick download from some other websites which provide you with the latest update of the graphic card.

Inactive the Feature of OpenGL in Your Minecraft

Usually, the default setting for the Minecraft game is always activated OpenGL feature to make sure that all the players get the great experiences of gaming.

The problem here is that certain types of graphics cards do not support the features of OpenGL. If you have this kind of problem, it is always suggested that you inactivate the feature of OpenGL.

One step that you need to follow is by choosing the options, then reach the video settings. Moreover, you have to choose the Advanced setting of OpenGL and you can shut it off.

Do not forget to save your new setting and you may need to restart the game before you play it.

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The Show GL Errors Can be Disabled

For the Minecraft players, you can see the Minecraft option which you can check and you can decide if you want to see the notification of OpenGL error minecraft.

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The default setting of this game is always showing notification which can be seen from the chat when there is an error for OpenGL.

What you need to do is to make sure to disable this setting by doing some of the steps: Choose options, click the video settings and click others, you can choose to turn off the option of ‘Show GL Errors’.

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You May Disable Mods for Awhile

If you still face the problem of OpenGL error Minecraft, you need to check on your mods. In some cases, the active mods can affect the overall performance of your Minecraft game, so it is suggested that you disable the mods for a while.

After that, you may check whether the OpenGL error problem has still occurred or not. If the problem still occurs, maybe there is another problem regarding your game, and you can activate your mods later on.

Adjust Graphics Settings of the Minecraft Game

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Do you know that certain kinds of graphics settings can be the main problem of OpenGL error? Therefore, you have to make sure that you disable some settings of the graphics just for a while.

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Maybe it can be the solution that you may need to try and what you need to do is to go to the options, choose video settings, and adjust some settings into off mode for the Render Region, Clear Water, and VBOs.

You can always adjust the graphics setting and check whether there is any more error in your game. Otherwise, you can also look into the folder of your Minecraft on your computer, then you may try to do some adjustments in options.txt.

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Install the Most Updated Java Version

For your information, Minecraft is under the development of the Java program, and therefore the files of Java in your computer play an important role to run your Minecraft game smoothly.

When you have a dated Java program, the OpenGL may become a problem since it is possible to have an error. So you have to uninstall the game first, make sure that you already get the latest version of the Java program and you can install the Minecraft game.

Download Java Version

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