MOSING Streaming Equipment Kit with Streaming Mixer and Microphone Studio

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Hay guys,
Today we are going to talk about MOSING Streaming Equipment Kit with Streaming Mixer and Microphone Studio from Amazon

2021 Upgraded Audio Chipset
Capture sound details
MOSING condenser microphone offers a wide frequency response of 32Hz to 18kHz, which is excellent for vocals, speech and voiceover, performed perfectly in reproducing sound. High quality microphone Make sure your exquisite sound is reproduced on the internet.

When you buy you will get these accessories
1) Condenser microphone
2 ) Audio mixer
3) mic arm
4) pop filter
5) shock mount
6) mic cover
7) Earphone
8) Mic cable
9) Data cable

Intelligent noise reduction
Unlike most gaming microphones, this podcast recording microphone has a noise reduction chipset and effectively minimizes off-axis noises such as room ambience, off-axis monitors and instruments, a noise-free output while maintaining maximum signal gain.
Wireless Technology
Press the power key 3 seconds to turn on the live sound card, search " V8 " with your BT phone and click to link. The V8 sound card has a memory function and will be automatically paired with your device when it is working again.

Multi-effects, Multi-modes and Game play
β€’ 12 Interesting Sound Effects
Cheer, din, shot, 9277, scream, kiss, laugh, applause, turkey, laugh, slash, PUBG
β€’ 6 Options Mode
Support mic volume adjustment, echo, treble, bass, recording, backing track, monitor.

4 Types of Sound Changes
Magic voice changer. The sound card can transform your voice into female voice, male voice, loli voice and magical war craft sound by pressing the β€œChange voice” button.

Freely Adjustable Arm
Help you adjust for free to get the best sound, suitable for podcasting and streaming.

Double Layer Pop Filter
Effectively attenuate the energy of plosive sound like " P " and " B ".

Shock Support
Reduce unwanted click noise and vibration from the mouse, keyboard, table, and host computer.

Wide application
The sound card can be used for music studio recording, podcasting, singing, live streaming, TikTok, YouTube streaming, gaming, and face time.
Wide compatibility
The audio mixing voice changer machine can be compatible with PC, computer, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Android phone, Type-C phone, game devices and electronic musical instrument.
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