How to Make a Minecraft Server for Free

If you want to know about how to make a minecraft server for free, here are the steps you need to follow. By creating a Minecraft server, you can play the game along with your friends.

Get Minecraft Java Edition

You cannot make a Minecraft server if you do not own Minecraft Java Edition. This is the most important requirement to make a Minecraft server.

Meaning, you cannot host your custom server if you own Minecraft with pocket, console, or Windows 10 edition. Yes, you need to buy and download the Minecraft Java Edition. If you already own one, you can follow the next step right away.

Get Java Latest Version

Before you can set up your custom Minecraft server, you need to make sure that your device has been installed with the latest version of Java. Java is needed by Minecraft for running the game.

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Of course, you need the latest version of Java to make sure that the server can run without any specific issue. We can say that getting the latest Java version is the preparation step before you can go to the main event to get your Minecraft server.

Download a Minecraft Server

Now, you are ready to download a Minecraft server. However, to do this, you need to download the server.jar file first. You can get this file from the Minecraft website.

You do not have to be confused with many different version numbers that appear on the website because of the constant update of the latest Minecraft version.

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You might find a notification that the file could be harmful to your computer but you just need to continue the process. It is better to create a folder to store all the files before running the .jar file.

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You need to copy the server.jar file to the new folder and you can run the application. You need to complete the EULA agreement. Now, you can run server.jar again to download more folders and launch the server.

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Launch the Server

It is not only about how to make a minecraft server for free, you also need to know about the way for creating a batch file for launching the server and making sure that the server can run smoothly without any lag.

For this purpose, you need to go to the server folder to create a new .bat file. You need to rename it with something that can be recognized easily.

You also need to add in the commands to prevent lag. It is recommended to delete the old text document to prevent confusion about the right file.

Once you can launch the server successfully, you need to exit the server window and command window. Now, you can customize your server further.

Set up Server Properties

To be able to customize your Minecraft server, you need a basic understanding of the server properties. You only need to open the properties file of the Server to know more about the properties of the server. You will find long text sections which can be changed for customization.

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Port Forward to Play with Friends

Yes, you can play the game through the server with your friends. However, to do this, you need port forwarding especially if you are not playing on the same local connection.

If you and your friends are playing on the same connection, you can play with your friends on the same server. You need to port forward correctly to avoid security risks.

Connect to Your Server

Now, you can connect to the server. However, you have to make sure that the batch file is running to be able to launch the server.

The Minecraft version should also match the jar file you downloaded. You will no longer have a question about how to make a minecraft server for free.

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