How to Fix Minecraft Opengl Error 1281

What if you get the minecraft opengl error 1281 message? Is it the end of your fun journey playing Minecraft? You can still try to solve the problem after all.


You might want to identify some possible causes of this problem. From many users’ experiences, it seems that this problem can be associated with several causes. By understanding the causes, you might find it easier to find the solution.

The problem might be caused by the shaders that are graphic settings imported by users in the mod game. You will find the error display if they are is corrupt or at fault.

Minecraft Opengl Error 1281
Minecraft Opengl Error 1281

The same problem might appear if the OptiFine is not updated since it is a third-party app to enhance the gameplay. It will allow users to control the game more.

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If the shader and forge versions do not sync one another, you likely have to deal with the issue. Since Java will be needed by Minecraft, the game will have an error display if Java is not installed automatically.

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Remove All Shaders

How can you fix the problem? At first, you can try to remove all shaders for Minecraft. You can say that shaders are kind of mini-mods that are used for changing the game texture such as the seasons.

You need to understand that the shaders use all app sources. That is why it can cause a problem with other mod modules. Trying to disable the shaders one by one will help you determine the shader that causes the error message.

You can start disabling the latest shader. If you want to use them later, you can just cut and paste them to another location.

Updating OptiFine

The next solution to the minecraft opengl error 1281 message is by updating OptiFine. What is OptiFine? It is a tool for optimizing the game.

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It will help the game to have a better look. Its performance will be faster as well with the support from this tool. It is essential for supporting configuration options including the HD textures. In conclusion, OptiFine becomes the main power behind all of your game mods.

Minecraft Opengl Error 1281

But at the same time, many users have to deal with the error message because they use an older version. To fix the problem, you need to check the existing OptiFine version. You should install the latest version immediately to be able to launch the game normally.

Download OptiFine

Check Mods Version Compatibility

In many cases, people get the error message because they have modified the game widely. This problem might appear because they use more than one mod module for playing the game.

This issue might appear when there is a module that is out of sync. It means that one mod is not compatible with another mod.

That is why you need to check the version of your mods and their compatibility with one another. If you find incompatible mods, you can try to disable them and launch the game.

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Install Java Packages Manually

When the Java packages are not installed on your computer and cause error issues, you might want to install them manually. You have to go to Properties from your computer Desktop.

You need to check your system type to be able to download the Java files that are suitable for your system type. You need to correct the file path on your Minecraft setting before you can restart the computer and launch the game.

Download Java Version

Reinstall Minecraft

Last but not least, the minecraft opengl error 1281 issue can be fixed by reinstalling the game. You can go to the application manager to find Minecraft and uninstall it.

Do not forget to delete the mod files and temporary setting files. You need to download the game once again from the official website.

Download Minecraft

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