How to Fix Minecraft Java Error

One or two errors can occur when playing a video game on a PC. When it comes to Minecraft, some troubles need some simple fixes. Among the problems with it is the so-called Minecraft Java error or Java exception issue.

It occurs when there is an internet connection error during any session of Minecraft. The interruption between the computer and the game server is the ultimate cause of this particular problem. Knowing the solutions for this matter is crucial.

The Basic Solutions

Attempting to solve this problem using some simple fixes is okay. There is a possibility that the problem will not be there anymore afterward.

The first thing to do is restart the router or modem. The right way to do this is by unplugging it and letting it be for at least a minute.

After that, plug it back to the power outlet and check for the result. It is the most common way to handle any problem related to an internet connection for many purposes.

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The second thing to do on the easy solution for this issue is to restart the computer. Restarting a PC is an easy thing to do to bring everything to the default state.

It includes all applications installed on the PC, such as Minecraft. Last, restart Minecraft as well. The problem can still be there after those easy steps.

It means that some advanced fixes are the next things to do. Pay attention to the following steps to handle this issue of the Minecraft Java error.

The More Advanced Solutions

1. Reinstalling Minecraft

Among the advanced fixes for this problem is to reinstall the Minecraft application itself. The right way to do this is by uninstalling it cleanly at first.

After the uninstallation completes, a fresh install of the game will provide a chance of eliminating this Minecraft Java error. It is better to restart the computer after the uninstallation process. That will ensure nothing is left from the previous installation of the game on the PC.

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2. Changing DNS

The next thing you can do to deal with this Minecraft Java error changes the DNS on the router or modem. There will always be manual overrides to change the DNS servers in any router.

Do this right by using the primary DNS Server and secondary DNS server: This particular DNS setting will commonly work its wonder to handle this issue. A custom DNS setting is required to solve connection problems on some occasions.

3. Enabling Java Native Sandbox

Minecraft Java Error

The final possible solution for this matter is to enable the so-called Java Native Sandbox. It allows users to use Java applications so that there will be no Java exception problem anymore. These are the steps to do it the right way.

  • Search and open the Control Panel section on the computer by using the search bar.
  • At the Control Panel menu, find and enter the section for Programs in the Control Panel.
  • Look for the Java header in that menu afterward.
  • Go to the Java Control Panel and open the Advanced tab to enter Advanced Security Settings.
  • Find the menu to enable the operating system’s restricted environment, check the box, and apply the change right there.
  • Exit the menu and restart the computer right away. It will see the effect of this fix on the problem, whether it works or not.
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Those are all the possible fixes to this problem of Minecraft Java error. Most players find that one of those things does the trick on this matter. With the problem fixed, you can enjoy playing the game without any worry.

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