How to Fix Minecraft Fatal Error Connection Terminated

Everyone can tell that Minecraft is a sandbox video game with huge popularity. Unfortunately, many users have to deal with the minecraft fatal error connection terminated issue. This problem can be caused by some reasons but the solutions below can help you fix the issues.

Updating Graphics Card Drivers

Minecraft Fatal Error Connection Terminated

One of the reasons why you face Minecraft’s fatal error message is that the game cannot use the dedicated graphics card. This issue can also occur when a conflict is created between the old video card drivers and your game version.

Minecraft Fatal Error Connection Terminated

To solve the issue, you need to update the graphic card. You need to go to your Device Manager to update the graphic card driver. You can also update all the drivers on your device at once automatically by using driver updater tools.

Disabling Antivirus and Firewall

Minecraft Fatal Error Connection Terminated

There might be a time when you get the fatal error message when updating the newest release of the game. The culprit of this issue might be your antivirus.

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Your antivirus and firewall might see the update as a suspicious connection. That is why it will be blocked. Well, the block can be done because of various reasons even for genuine connections.

To fix this problem, you can simply disable your antivirus and firewall temporarily. There is also another option by adding the programs to your antivirus whitelist.

You can also consider replacing your antivirus if you find the current one pretty troublesome.

Updating Minecraft

You will find the new updates released pretty frequently by the game developer. It is important to do this to make sure that the game is free from bugs.

More importantly, the updates will offer new features for users. You might find the minecraft fatal error connection terminated message if you run an old Minecraft version.

In this circumstance, you can try to get the latest update of the game to find out if it can fix your current problems. Minecraft will give you a notification if there is an available update but if you cannot find it, you can check the latest updates manually.

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Download Minecraft Version

Checking Java Updates

Minecraft Fatal Error Connection Terminated

The basic thing to know about Minecraft is that it is a game based on Java. It means that you cannot play the game on your computer without Java installed.

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Well, even when you have Java installed on your device, some issues including technical bugs might appear. You can fix the issues by updating Java on your device.

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It will not only fix the technical glitches but also improve the performance of the game. In case you find a problem after installing the latest Java version, you might consider downgrading to an older version.

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Upgrading RAM

Running Minecraft on medium settings will not be a big problem when you are using a modern m laptop or PC. You will not find the game hardware demanding after all.

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Most users can run the game on integrated graphics. However, if you run the game on an old PC, you might deal with a fatal error because of the lack of hardware resources.

This condition can lead to a system crash. You need to check the RAM usage as the hardware resource that will affect the game run. You might want to get more RAM to solve the problem especially if you find that 100% RAM usage.

Other Fixes

You should also consider other common fixes anytime you find some issues with your Minecraft gameplay. Instead of relying on Windows to update your graphic drivers, you might want to download them manually from the Intel website.

You should also download OpenGL manually. Last but not least, you can also reduce the Java memory amount to 512 MB to fix the minecraft fatal error connection terminated issue.

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