How to Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order

How to Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order – Have you ever tried to purchase Minecraft but it ends up with a minecraft error placing order? This can be pretty frustrating because you are willing to pay but you find it hard to do so. You need to find the right fix immediately.


Why does this problem occur? These might be the biggest questions you have when you have to deal with this problem. Some circumstances can lead to this problem after all.

If you place your order using an outdated chrome browser, this problem can occur because of a security issue. Another possible cause of this condition is that international transactions are blocked by your bank when you use a certain card type.

Many users had experiences of being denied by the bank when they wanted to buy Minecraft. If your Mojang account is suspended, you cannot make the transaction. It can be suspended since it is under investigation on a fraud activity suspicion.

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Fix by Updating Browser

Understanding the cause of the error can help you find the best method to fix your problem when purchasing Minecraft. If the problem is caused by your out-of-date browser, you need to update your browser.

This way there will not be any interruption when buying Minecraft due to security concerns. To update your Chrome browser, you only need to follow these simple steps.

You need to open your browser and click on the three dots icon. You should choose Help and About Google Chrome on the menu.

The next screen will inform you whether you can find a new version of your browser. Your browser utility will update automatically if there is a new version available.

You need to restart your browser after the new version is successfully installed. Now, you can try to purchase Minecraft once again.

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Fix by Contacting the Bank and Unlocking International Transactions

You will not find any big problem when you try to buy Minecraft from outside Sweden. For your information, Sweden is the country where the Mojang payment processor resides.

Unfortunately, you might have to deal with the minecraft error placing order if you try to buy it from outside Sweden. It can be caused by a block from your bank for international transactions.

To solve the problem, you have to make sure that your card details are valid. If your debit card or credit card cannot be used for international transactions, you might want to contact your bank.

You can ask them to enable international transactions for your bank account. However, you need to remember that there might be different regulations in different regulations.

Fix by Buying from Microsoft Store

Minecraft Error Placing Order

If the problem appears when you want to play the game on a Windows 10 computer, you can try to fix it by buying the game from Microsoft Store.

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You need to open the Microsoft Store homepage and search for Minecraft on your computer. You can choose the version you want to buy and process the purchase. If the purchasing process is successful, you can launch Minecraft once the download process is completed.

Minecraft Error Placing Order

Fix by Buying as a Redeem Code

Minecraft Error Placing Order

To avoid the problem when trying to buy the game from the official website, the best method to buy Minecraft by using a gift card from a major retailer. Once you get the gift card for Minecraft, you can redeem the code to buy the game.

Minecraft Error Placing Order

Fix by Contacting Microsoft Support or Mojang

The last method that you can try to fix minecraft error placing order is by contacting Mojang’s support team or Microsoft Store directly.

You might only need to try this method if other methods are not working. Nevertheless, you might have to wait for a pretty long time to get the response.

Contacting Microsoft Support or Mojang

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