How to Fix$annotatedconnectexception Error in Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception Time Out – Do you love playing Minecraft? If you do, you are with other 112 million active players across the globe who are addicted to playing this video game.

Minecraft is one of the bestseller video games of all time. It sold more than 180 million copies on all platforms by the end of 2019. It won many awards and has been depicted as one of the most influential video games in the world.

A number of spin-off games are also established, including Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft gained great popularity because it allows its players to be as creative as possible in creating their own worlds. The players are the ones who determine how the game runs and ends.

However, players sometimes find problems with the game. For example, when they run to an error code of$annotatedconnectexception.

This can be frustrating, especially if you do not know what kind of problem it is.

What Kind of Error is It?

In nutshell,$annotatedconnectexception is a connection error that occurs when the PC you use is trying to get connected to your selected Minecraft server.

However, the attempt fails because either your selected server is not able to recognize you or not able to get the signal back to Minecraft.

How Do You Solve the Connection Error?

You can begin to solve this connection problem by using several fundamental solutions that are helpful in solving almost every type of error.

Try these fundamental solutions first, and if they do not work, you can try other solutions. It is because these are the simplest solutions that save you much time. These are the basic solutions that you should try first:

  • Restart Minecraft.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Power cycle your router by turning the power off for a minute, then turn it on again.
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If those basic solutions mentioned above are not working, you can try some advanced steps.

In order to solve the$annotatedconnectexception connection error, first, you must figure out which track you need to take.

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It depends on who is running the server that you are trying to establish a connection to. Is it your own server or is it someone else’s server?

Someone Else’s Server

If it is someone else that runs the Minecraft server that you try to connect to, you can start by checking whether you can establish a connection with other servers or not.

If you can still establish a connection with other Minecraft servers, the issue is probably not on your side. It is the certain server that has a problem.

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So, ask the person who runs the server to know if they face any technical problems.

If you cannot establish a connection with other servers, then the problem might be on your side. And this is probably related to your firewall permissions. Follow these steps below to fix the problem.

1. Open your Windows search bar. Type ‘Windows Security on the column. Select it when it appears.

2. On the opened page, select ‘Firewall & Network Protection.

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3. Another page will pop up. Then, select ‘allow an app

4. On the opened page, select ‘Change Settings’. A warning prompt will pop up, then select Yes.

Minecraft Error$annotatedconnectexception

5. Scroll down the page and you now can interact with ‘allow another app’ that is previously grey.

6. A small window will appear with a button ‘browse…’. Select and navigate it to the place Minecraft installed.

7. Choose the file of Minecraft Launcher in the Minecraft folder. Then, click ‘Open’.

8. You will need to repeat those steps mentioned above. This time, navigate it to the place your Minecraft server is installed. After that, go to the Minecraft Server folder, and choose both Java executable files. Open those files as well.

9. Stay on the Change Settings window. But now, go further down the window to the list of features until you see the labeled “Java binary”.

Mark all the checkmarks for Private. You can also mark for Public as well if you run a server and wish other players to connect from outside your network.

10. Check if the problem is solved by starting Minecraft again.

Your Own Server

If you run the server, check whether you already have started it when you cannot establish a connection to it. Make sure you already have started it before trying to make a connection.

If your server is running, then the solution will most likely be one of these 2: your firewall is blocking your access, or you need to port forward your network.

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If the problem is your firewall blocks your access, then go to the steps of Firewall Permissions mentioned above. If this does not help, then you might have to port forward your network.

This problem has something to do with your router. Each router has a different user interface so that the steps to take might be different too.

But, you can follow these general steps to port forward your network.

1. Login to your router by entering your device name, username, and password. If you have not, find three of them at the bottom of your router or in the paper that comes with it.

2. Then, navigate to the ‘port forwarding’ or ‘virtual server’ part. You can also take a look at the ‘advanced’ options.

3. Now, a page should pop up, in which you can enter the device name, IP address, port, and option to select a protocol.

4. Make sure you fill in those columns with correct information that you can find on your PC. TCP, UDP, or both of them are the common choices for the protocol.

5. Click ‘save’ or ‘apply to finish.

6. Check whether you solve the issue or not by running Minecraft again.

Those are the ways that you can try to fix the$annotatedconnectexception connection error.

Hopefully, the ways mentioned above can help you to solve the problem so that you can enjoy playing Minecraft again.

You can also go to some Minecraft forums that you can easily find on the internet to find more and further information about it.

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