What is Minecraft Chunk Error? How to Solve It?

Anyone familiar with Minecraft will probably know about the terms Minecraft chunk error. It is one of several issues with the game itself.

When it comes to concerns or troubles such as this one, it is pivotal to know about them and the possible solutions. Some people may find it disturbing while playing it.

Unfortunately, it annoys some other players of Minecraft. Check out the details on this matter and the available ways to solve it for a better experience while playing this famous video game.

Minecraft Chunk Error

What is Chunk Error?

The problem of Minecraft chunk error is the moment when a chunk loads improperly. It has some other terms to call it. That includes Beta Hole, World Hole, Missing Hole, Missing Chunk, and Lag Pit.

It is considered a usual glitch in the world of Minecraft multiplayer survival mode. It happens to the client-side instead of the server-side, most likely.

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It means that the chunks are there, but for some reason, players cannot see them. The server-side means that the blocks are not there. It is a rare occasion.

This problem comes in the form of 16x16x256 holes in the Minecraft world. It stretches widely across various occasions. The most common moments that it happens are when players are traveling by boat.

The fast speed of using a boat gives the chunks less time to load the right way. It is not a terrible problem at all. Yet, some players prefer to handle this issue for the best experience when playing this video game.

How to Solve Chunk Error?

There are several known ways to handle this issue the right way. If you are among those players who favor solving this issue, check out these solutions for it. Several options may work differently on one occasion and another.

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1. Reenter the World

The easiest thing to do to fix the Minecraft chunk error is to exit and enter the world itself. It is the most common thing to do that will probably do the trick for this issue.

Another possibility within the same scope is to disconnect from the server and reconnect to it immediately. All of those things are easy to do with a reasonable consideration as the solution to this issue.

2. Tweak the Rendering Distance

Another recommended solution to this issue is to lower the rendering distance. Minecraft is not a visually demanding video game that requires a high-end graphics card.

Nevertheless, it is possible that doing this thing will solve the Minecraft chunk error. The graphic card may not be able to handle the rendering and create this issue.

3. Reload All Chunks

The next thing that you can do is to reload all of the chunks. To do this, you need to press F3 + A on the keyboard. That will allow the game to load the entire blocks in that particular world once again.

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It is crucial to wait a little bit after pressing the keys for this move to take effect. It should bring the chunks back to normal in any world of Minecraft.

4. Remove Shader Mods

Some shader mods and third-party applications may interfere with the loading of chunks in Minecraft worlds. So, it is a good idea to deactivate and remove all of them and check the worlds. Some players find it useful to be the solution for this problem of chunk error in Minecraft.

One thing to remember is that they will not work when the problems are in the hardware. A fault in the hard disk drive can cause this problem if it is not in its best performance state.

If the Minecraft chunk error persists after attempting those fixes, it is better to check on the hardware for some issues.

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