About me


In the United States of America, Every day, hour, minutes or seconds, there is a crime committed in our Nation, State and Communities. We will post videos of crimes to make people aware of these crimes. Through the use of actual crime videos, interviewing Victims and Individuals who committed crimes and the experience from Dan as a Police Detective, to educate the public as to possibly preventing someone from becoming the next Victim.

Dan, Retired, Los Angeles Police Dept, investigated: Homicide, Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Robbery, Domestic Violence and Burglary. Dan worked as a Police Patrol Officer, and Patrol Training Officer. Training Qualifications: CA-Basic-POST Cert, CA-Intermediate-POST Cert, Advance Police Ofcr training, Gang Awareness,Tactical Firearms, Juvenile Procedures, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Homeland Security Certificates: Emergency response, Emergency Mgt, Active Shooter and IED Awareness and Security Procedures. Received 25 Police Commendations.