Macbeth comic dub: Episode One

Macbeth comic dub: Episode One

Making Shakespeare accessible to younger audiences, the Illustrated Classics comic book series was really cool to begin with, but I decided it would be a good way to use my voiceover acting skills and get in some theatre in a time where the closing of the theaters is driving me and other artists. Hopefully this "quarantine theatre" experiment will be a way to introduce Shakespeare to kids, and just enjoy the classics from home. This very old comic book was available for free on the Internet Archive and, while I am thinking about doing more where I cast other voice actors, the archive also made available a Public Domain Librivox recording that I was able to use for all the characters I was able to case myself (this being my first time, I played the lead only).... enjoy!


Duncan – Joshua B. Christensen
Malcolm – mb
Donalbain – Ellis Christoff
Macbeth – Mark Bowen
Banquo – Simon Larois
Macduff – John Lieder
Lennox – Mirza
Ross – Rosalind Wills
Menteith, Son of Macduff, and First Apparition – David Lawrence
Angus, Second Apparition, and Third Murderer – Annoying Twit
Caithness, Lord, Sergeant, and Soldiers – David Nicol
Fleance – Aaron Elliott
Siward – Brian Edwards
Young Siward, Gentlewoman – Laurie Anne Walden
Seyton, Old Man – Paul Williams
Lady Macbeth – Elizabeth Klett
Lady Macduff – LC
Hecate – Ruth Golding
First Witch – Jennifer Stearns
Second Witch – Kristin Hughes
Third Witch – Charlene V. Smith
Doctor – Eric M. Johnson
Servant and Attendant – Anna Simon
Porter – David Leeson
Third Apparition – Fionn Jameson
First Murderer – hefyd
Second Murderer – Anna Roberts
Messenger – Ezwa

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