Logitech M525 Software Windows, macOS, Manual

Logitech M525 software may be a compact mouse, but it offers big comfort and functionality. The mouse isn’t exactly small, but it does come with nice compact feel that gives you the extra convenience while in use.

There are extra features being packed into the mouse, including long lasting battery life that can go for 36 months (depending on the computing and usage condition, mind you), faster scrolling ability, and more accurate result.

Rubberized Parts

This feature is often underestimated because most people don’t really care whether their device is made from rubber or not.

However, once you have tried it on, you’d know the huge difference. The rubber feel increases usage comfort. The rubber grips also add this nice grip strength and ability to hold the mouse better.

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The mouse won’t slide easily, allowing you to increase productivity and use to the highest level.

Improved Design

The mouse has a nice contoured shape, along with (soft) rubber sides, that can follow your hand’s natural curve. Staying comfortable despite the long hours of work is possible! It certainly boosts your productive side longer.

Not to mention that the mouse comes as an ambidextrous device, which means that left or right hand users will have no problem operating this device effectively.

Better Navigation and Faster Scroll

The rubber wheel is able to deliver better speed and precision. You will have no issue whenever you have to browse details or go through long pages.

Moreover, the tilt wheel delivers easy and convenient side to side horizontal scrolling, in case you have to deal with big and wide images or spreadsheets.

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Wireless Plug and Play

This is a wireless mouse, which means that you don’t have to deal with the fussy cable. You don’t even have to worry about being tangled! As if it weren’t enough, the mouse also supports plug and play system.

No need to install anything. No need to configure anything. No need to deal with the setup or whatsoever. Simply insert the receiver and you can use the mouse within minutes!

Premium Quality Construction

There is nothing flimsy about this mouse. You can use it for busy days or even prolonged time, and the mouse will still impress you.

After all, it is constructed from premium materials and it has gone through the standard perfection of Logitech manufacture.

The mouse is extremely reliable and durable. And you can also save up power, thanks to the on and off switching button and the automatic sleep mode.

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With all of these features offered by Logitech M525 software, it’s hard not to like this (seemingly) simple device.

Logitech M525 for Windows

Supported Platforms:

Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit/64-bit), Windows Server, Windows Vista

Logitech M525 for macOS

Supported Platforms:

macOS 10.3, macOS 10.4, macOS 10.5, macOS 10.6, macOS 10.7, macOS 10.8, macOS 10.9, macOS 10.10, macOS 10.11, macOS 10.12, macOS 10.13, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.15, macOS 11

Logitech M525 for ChromeOS

Logitech M525 Manual Download

  • Logitech M525 User Guide Download (PDF)

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