Logitech G920 Software, Driver, User Guide

Logitech G920 software is often considered the ideal starter pack for those who want to enjoy their racing game further. If you are tired with your keyboard or controller to control your car (on the game), then it’s time to upgrade your gaming device to a higher level. With the racing wheel device from Logitech, you can definitely enjoy better experience. Can you have more fun and enjoyment? Why not? This is the perfect device that can get you going for the sake of the fun game.

Overall Construction

The racing wheel comes with 275mm of diameter. It is wrapped by leather, creating a real feel of wheel. Many users claim that the wheel feels somewhat sturdier and more solid. The price may not be as high as other premium devices, but the performance won’t disappoint at all. It may be because of the aluminum wheel hub that offers flexing resistance as well as promising build quality. The faux leather rim itself is great because there is no cheap feel or slippery effect.

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Dual Motor Force Feedback

The device is able to create a race-like feeling, as if you were driving your own car. With dual motor design, along with the overheat protection and steel ball bearings, you can feel the kickback and power. It feels real, and it feels super convenient to use. As it was mentioned before, this wheel gives you tons of satisfying outcome when it comes to real racing experience.

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Convenient Customization

The wheel supports lock to lock and 900 degrees of rotation, enabling users like you to manage your own setting and customization. Aside from the ability to tweak and manage the force feedback settings, you can also enjoy superior comfort and feel with the easy customization. Feel free to make it your own experience, taking your gaming time to the next level.

Installation and Setup

You shouldn’t have any difficulty and issue to set or install the racing set. You may not be able to complete the installation in minutes (that would be impossible, anyhow), but if you follow the guide and follow the setup instruction carefully, you should be able to manage everything quite perfectly. Consult the official website to get information.

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Game Compatibility

This wheel is compatible with many games. There are lists of games that would be just perfect for the wheel, and you can immediately set the racing wheel to go. Make sure you understand further about

Logitech G920 software before you decide to buy it.

Logitech G920 for Windows

Supported Platform: Win 10 (32-bit/64-bit), Win 8 (32-bit/64-bit), Win 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit), Win 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Win XP (32-bit/64-bit), Win Server, Win Vista

Logitech G920 for macOS

Supported Platform: mac 10.3, mac 10.4, mac 10.5, mac 10.6, mac 10.7, mac 10.8, mac 10.9, mac 10.10, mac 10.11, mac 10.12, mac 10.13, mac 10.14, mac 10.15, mac 11

Logitech G920 Manual Download

  • Logitech G920 User Guide Download (PDF)
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