Logitech G703 Software, Driver, User Guide

If you are looking for a lightweight gaming mouse that can improve your gaming skills significantly, then you should be looking into Logitech G703 software. It is considered an excellent accessory for FPS games. Not only it is lightweight, but it is also wireless with great design. It has good latency (supporting low click), high polling rate, and convenient ability to adjust the CPI setting. All users can use it comfortably, regardless their hand sizes and grips.

Good Design

With matte finish, the mouse feels familiar and classy. The feel is soft and it has rubber grips (on the side) to improve comfort while using. But you won’t notice that the sides have those rubber elements because they simply blend into the background quite well.

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RGB Lighting

This lighting feature is built in, but you can always customize it through the available software. Even in well-lit surrounding, you can still see the light. The lighting may be considered an extra feature that isn’t always important for all gamers, but having one is definitely a nice option.

Portability Matter

Despite the fact that it is a wireless mouse, the shape isn’t exactly compact. In fact, it is quite bulky. It doesn’t have any compartment to keep the USB receiver either. Is it a portable device? Not exactly, really. But if you want to carry it with you, you can still do it. But you may have to deal with the extra effort of carrying it with protection.

Adjustable Weight

The mouse is lightweight, but it’s not as light as Razer Viper Ultimate or Glorious Model O. What if you want to make it heavier? The package includes extra 10g of weight, and you can put the weight into the mouse through the underside. If you want to cut off the weight, you can also remove the 3g of weight – still within the same compartment.

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Build Quality

Although the mouse is made of (all) plastic, it has this nice sturdy and solid feel. That’s why it is said that the build construction is quite excellent. The buttons are satisfying, clicky, and responsive. The sides themselves are grippy and nice. The feet are good and solid. Thanks to the construction, the mouse can smoothly move around without obstruction.

Comfortable Use

You won’t have to worry about any wrist strain or fatigue due to prolonged use. It has a nice slight slant with just the right size. After all, it is designed for improved long use. Be sure that common wrist or hand issues will no longer be present when you use this mouse. That’s why you should also understand the features of Logitech G703 software.

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Logitech G703 for Windows

Supported Platform: Win 10 (32-bit/64-bit), Win 8 (32-bit/64-bit), Win 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit), Win 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Win XP (32-bit/64-bit), Win Server, Win Vista

Logitech G703 for macOS

Supported Platform: mac 10.3, mac 10.4, mac 10.5, mac 10.6, mac 10.7, mac 10.8, mac 10.9, mac 10.10, mac 10.11, mac 10.12, mac 10.13, mac 10.14, mac 10.15, mac 11

Logitech G703 Manual Download

  • Logitech G703 User Guide Download (PDF)
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