Logitech G502 Software Windows, macOS, Manual

If you are looking for a high-quality and durable gaming mouse, then you should understand the features of Logitech G502 software as well as the mouse’ specs.

Known as Logitech Hero, this is a mouse that will make your gaming time different. It improves your gaming skills, and it definitely cuts corners in the most fun way! Not all mouses are designed the same.

This Hero mouse, for a starter, is a perfect example of how a quality mouse can make or break your gaming time.

Adjustable Weight System

You are able to adjust the weight on your own. It supports its own weights where there would be five weights inside the mouse and each of which would weigh around 3.6 grams.

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You simply remove the cover if you want to make adjustment to the weight. Remember, this is a gaming device which means that balance and weight tuning is crucial.

Feel free to remove any of those weights to finally get the desirable weight (and balance) that you want.

Programmable Buttons

The mouse is packed with buttons and all of them are customizable. You are free to assign any command that you like to those buttons.

Feel free to assign anything to those buttons as they are available at your disposal. Making changes and adjustments has never been this cool!

Custom Onboard Memory

The mouse has its own memory. Once you have tweaked with the setting, including managing those programmable buttons, you can make use of the available onboard memory setting.

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To save you time and to help you with the arrangements, you can even save your play profiles (up to 5) directly on the mouse. Isn’t that cool?

Programmable Lightsync and RGB Lighting

The buttons aren’t the only things that you can program or adjust. You can also adjust and tweak the RGB Lighting as well as the Lightsync system.

The color options are basically endless. With 16.8 million of colors, you should be able to find the matching color that meets your gaming profile.

Even better, you can match the color with other gear you have, sport your own team color, or have a matching color with your team.

Mechanical Tensioning

This is crucial as the switch button tensioning can give you a nice feel when you use the mouse. There is a crisp and clean ‘clicking’ feel that also supports rapid feedback when you use the mouse.

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This is one crucial feature of Logitech G502 software that can seriously improve your gaming performance and quality.

Logitech G502 for Windows

Supported Platforms:

Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit/64-bit), Windows Server, Windows Vista

Logitech G502 for macOS

Supported Platforms:

macOS 10.3, macOS 10.4, macOS 10.5, macOS 10.6, macOS 10.7, macOS 10.8, macOS 10.9, macOS 10.10, macOS 10.11, macOS 10.12, macOS 10.13, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.15, macOS 11

Logitech G502 Manual Download

  • Logitech G502 User Guide Download (PDF)

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