Lithuania will pay for inauguration ceremony of Belarus opposition leader

Lithuanians started an ambitious fund-raising campaign for inauguration ceremony of Belarus opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in Lithuania. They placed their call on the Internet .

Earlier Pavel Latushko, a former Belarusian diplomat and a member of the Coordination Council of Belarus’s opposition called on Tikhanovskaya to take office as President of Belarus and hold the inauguration and create the government of Belarus, which will be legitimate.

Belarus opposition, though it seems as if it has worlwide support, has not enough money to organize such events by itself. It really needs funds.

Who are the people behind the call? It is clear that they are persons who are interested in changing the leader of Belarus.

They could be Belarus opposition members, who are in great need for money.They could be Lithuanians as well, who support Belarus opposition leader. Inauguration ceremony is quite expensive and needs high level of management. European politicians can support only by words, but inauguration ceremony needs a lot of money. The call could be from the extortioners.

In any case, this call is unusual and should be investigated. As far as Lithuanians’ donation concerned, why should Lithuanians spend money on the support of other country’s oppposition? Is Lithuania the reachest country in Europe? Belasus opposition also risks to loose Lithuania’s positive attitude for cheating Lithuanians out of money.

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