Lightning arrester

Lightning Arrester | Practical Explanation | IN HINDI

Lightning Arrester | Practical Explanation | IN HINDI Hello friends .. I’m Aakash welcome to my channel and this is my video where I’m going to present you About Lightning Arrester and how Lightning occurs with practical explanations. I Hope u guys will like it. Please Like, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel thank you! You can see How Lightning Arrester work and Show the Location of installation. So see This Video Full and comment below. In this video i show you how lightning Arrester work and why we use at Substations and Transmission lines. You Clear about Lightning strike. Counter is use in Lightning Arrester see this video full Thank you! In my next video on Lightning Arrester i will Explain you about Types of Lightning arresters which i show below, 1)Road Gap Arrester 2)Sphere Gap Arrester 3)Horn Gap Arrester 4)Multiple-Gap Arrester 5)Impulse Protective Gap 6)Electrolytic Arrester 7)Expulsion Type Lightning Arrester 8)Valve Type Lightning Arresters 9)Thyrite Lightning Arrester 10)Auto valve Arrester 11)Oxide Film Arrester 12)Metal Oxide Lightning Arresters Follow @instagram: THANKS FOR WATCHING…

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