Lexmark X2600 Driver, Software, Manual

Lexmark X2600 driver is a multifunctional or all in one printer driver for a specific Lexmark device, the X2600 printer.

There are various versions of this driver you can download to run your X2600 printer by Lexmark, including the version and the latest one.

However, different devices you use to run your X2600 printer from Lexmark will require a different version of the driver.

Make sure you get the right driver that will run perfectly on the device you own so you can operate the printer easily.

The Importance of Lexmark X2600 Driver

This driver is a program that will work on your computer so the computer can communicate with your X2600 printer from Lexmark.

When you need to print something, you will press the print command on your computer that then will be sent to your printer.

Then the X2600 driver is going to act like the intermediary. It will convert the information from your program into a specific language format that your computer’s operating system and printer can understand.

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It is extremely important to use one of suitable drivers in order to avoid printing problems.

All in One X2600 Printer Driver from Lexmark

Lexmark has an all in one printer called X2600 that is a multifunction unit you can use easily. What features are owned by this amazing printer?

Fast printing speed

This printer, if used with the proper Lexmark X2600 driver is capable of printing black up to 22 pages per minute and printing color up to 16 pages per minute.

Versatile functions

This printer also has the versatile functions that are completed with scan and 1-touch copy functions. It also has a scanner that includes the OCR function.

This function allows you to convert your text documents that are in hard copy into the text format that is editable.

Photo printing

The X2600 printer by Lexmark and the right Lexmark X2600 driver will give you brilliant quality photos with 6 color printing. It also can print borderless photos in various sizes, starting from 3.5 × 5 inches to 8.5 × 11 inches.

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Various Drivers for X2600 Printer by Lexmark

When you purchase the X2600 printer by Lexmark, you will get useful software including the Lexmark Service Center and Lexmark Imaging Studio. What are the functions of both software?

Lexmark Service Center

This software is going to give you complete software tools that will simplify your printer troubleshooting. If you find any trouble with the printing system, you can figure check this driver to see what you can do.

Lexmark Imaging Studio

This is going to ease you in editing all photos you are about to print. You can cut, resize, and rotate the photos before you start printing them using the X2600 printer by Lexmark.

There are various features in this software including color enhancing and the red eye reduction features.

Lexmark Web Toolbar

This tool is what you need to print everything from the internet in a much easier way. You can print photos from the internet with print resolution up to 4800 × 1200 dpi on the glossy media.

Basic Windows driver

Lexmark X2600 driver basic for Windows will give you driver only software. This is for the customers who desire only the basic driver to run the Lexmark printer.

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When you attach the USB cable to your Lexmark printer, your computer is going to try recognizing it. If you use the suitable driver, the installation will run automatically and everything you print will be automatically printed.

However, you need to install the driver you download if your computer doesn’t recognize any printer.

Your new Lexmark printer will come with a driver CD which contains different drivers for various operating systems so you can choose the most suitable one and install the driver manually.

Lexmark X2600 for Windows

Supported Platforms:

Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit/64-bit), Windows Server, Windows Vista

Lexmark X2600 for MacOS

Supported Platforms:

MacOS 10.3, MacOS 10.4, MacOS 10.5, MacOS 10.6, MacOS 10.7, MacOS 10.8, MacOS 10.9, MacOS 10.10, MacOS 10.11, MacOS 10.12, MacOS 10.13, MacOS 10.14, MacOS 10.15, MacOS 11

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