Lets create a society #beinghuman (song)

Lets create a society #BEINGHUMAN (Song)

A song about the current realities around us and how to respond to these burning issues by the act of "Being Human". With the help some of anime which I sketched and the video taken at Nilgris, I have tried to explain how better will it be if humanity finds its place!

No words can thank my creator enough for what he has done for me!
Special Thanks to my Beloved Mom, Dad and Sis
My Dear friend Prem who encouraged me to write this song and all my friends from UTC who continue to support throughout my endeavors.

Written, Composed and Sung by Sam T Rajkumar,
Backing Vocals:
Soprano - Rem Liani
Alto - Sungbeni Murry
First Tenor - Naoam Wangsha
Tenor - Wesley Kuruvilla
Bass - Bino Jacob
Guitars: Steve Jerome Lawrence,
Shot @Elim cottage, Thanks to @Rev Jenson and family
Audio and Video edited by Sam T Rajkumar,
Audio mixed and mastered by Karishma (KAASY),
Music and Harmony by Sam T Rajkumar,
Videography: Shiny GDS (My Sis)
Anime Art by Sam T Rajkumar

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