Kondeshwar | One day trip places near Mumbai – Vlog #1

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Kondeshwar | One-day trip places near Mumbai – Vlog #1
Another weekend and another trip. And this time it was near Badlapur. Thought of solving the query for one-day trip places near Mumbai, as am sure many of you must be searching for a solution for this. There are plenty of points of Interest in Mumbai and plenty of places to visit near Mumbai and Badlapur too. But, Kondeshwar is one place that is worth your time.

Youngsters like us tend to enjoy ourselves near waterfalls, beaches, or hill stations and we potentially ignore the beauty of the ancient temple. Every place has a story and beauty that attracts fellow travelers like us.

Kondeshwar waterfalls are one among the best to be around which is right near the temple. Two beautiful waterfalls near the temple multiply the beauty of the temple. Going near the waterfalls isn’t advisable though, as there were plenty of accidents which have happened earlier, so officials don’t allow anybody to go near the waterfalls.

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