KLIM Discman – Portable CD Player with a Built-in Battery

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Today we are going to talk about the new arrival
KLIM Discman - Portable CD Player with a Built-in Battery
The KLIM Discman was designed to provide you with the most enjoyable listening experience. Because CDs provide loss-less audio quality, the experience is never complete without a good set of earphones. We've included the KLIM Fusion ear buds (more than 1 million units sold) to ensure that you can listen to your favourite albums with the best audio quality.
We are a self-funded company that started in 2015 from the ground up and is now one of the top choices for electronics worldwide. Tired of companies not backing their products after making the sale, we set on a mission to change that. Our success has been driven by an extreme obsession for customers' satisfaction. For YOUR satisfaction. We take pride in our exceptional after-sales support so that you can always depend on us, no matter the circumstances. Millions of customers around the world already enjoy our products, knowing they've made the right decision. It's time for you to join them!
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Audiophiles like you surely prefer audio CDs because of their loss-less quality. To get as close as possible to a hi-fi experience, we've opted to provide you with high-quality earphones, with great bass and superior comfort. The KLIM Fusion earphones are worldwide bestsellers with over a million happy customers. Thanks to their excellent quality and excellent comfort (featuring special memory foam), you'll enjoy every sound detail of your favourite albums.
The KLIM Discman features a high-quality battery, providing you with uninterrupted playback time of approximately 14 hours. You can rest assured that even on your longest or car ride, the KLIM Discman will provide you with continuous entertainment. Because of its built-in rechargeable battery, you don't have to worry about buying disposable batteries and damaging the environment. Just plug the KLIM Discman with the included micro-USB cable to a compatible USB port, and you're set.
Inspired by the aesthetics of Sci-Fi spaceships, the KLIM Discman was designed to provide a modern device for a nostalgic technology. We've opted for the best components and highest quality laser lens to ensure that your CDs run without compromise. Because it is a modern take on CD Players, it was designed with compatibility in mind, so it will play: CD Audio, CD-R, CD-RW, including MP3 playback.

Your car doesn't come with CD Player? Not a problem. Just connect the KLIM Discman via an AUX cable to your car's AUX input and you're all set. You can easily connect it to the car's USB port or a compatible USB charger to keep the battery charged and ready. And because different musical tastes require different equalization settings, you can easily set your CD player to one of 5 EQ settings. The KLIM Discman's built-in safety mechanisms ensure that music won't be interrupted and the disc won't get scratched even if it's a bumpy ride!
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