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The video forms one quarter of a four part kickboxing video series.

Video series part 1 – Introduction to kickboxing:

Whether this is the first time you will be trying kickboxing or you are a seasoned martial artist there will be something in this video series for you. The series is broken down into three key parts:

• Warm up – as it is crucial that we warm up ahead of the exercise
• Stretching – now the benefits of stretching go well beyond kickboxing and regular exercise into everyday life and something we all need to do more of

• Techniques – covering all the kick techniques used in kickboxing

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Video series part 2 - Warm up:
Calf raises
Side lunges

Knee to toe reaches
Jogging on the spot
Sprinting on the spot
Bounce and alternate jabs
Knee tucks
Bounce and reach
Knee raises

Video series part 3 - Stretching:
High kicks
Box splits
Side raises at 33%, 66% and 100%
Toe reaches
Hamstring and hips extender

Hip opener

Video series part 4 - Techniques:
Front kick
Side kick

Round kick to the body
Round kick to the head
Spinning back kick
Snap kick

Round house kick
Axe kick
Switch kick
Question mark kick

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